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Good look and remember to share this to help other people from losing their hard earned cash! Since we all live in different time zones, you need to make sure you can get in touch with customer service no matter when you need assistance. Make sure they have a free trial.

Interestingly, OpenVPN protocol uses bit military grade encryption by default.

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Before you get stuck with a service plan, make absolutely sure that the VPN provider is going to be there to help when you need them. The faster and more accessible the software, the better. Clicking on it brings up the server list.

My Expat Network VPN - Should I Remove It?

At around two and a half hours for a response time, they did much better this time around. You are free to go through its other sections like FAQs and installation guides to solve all your queries timely. This is the reason they have not provided any information about obfuscated servers on their website.

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Your chosen location helpfully fills with color to let you know you're protected. I expected us vpn hola connection and multiple server locations.

My Expat Network VPN Pro for Android - APK Download

Because you are completely anonymous and because your IP is hidden, you are completely safe from hackers. For those that have no experience with this type of software, an easy set up process is a must.

They seemed confident it should work in China, though try this at your own risk. This is because you can bypass VPN blocks hassles after using obfuscation feature in different countries stress-free. Make sure they offer more than one UK server. Share this:. You just select a location and hit connect.

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I was still really pleased with the way they marketed to the average Joe looking to watch Netflix, rather than the internet savant. Don't try to log in with your email address as this won't work - your username will be assigned to you on signup.

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  • For every person who reads your share, it is one more person who will not lose their money and this is what my scam blog is all about, exposing these terrible companies and scammers and hopefully stopping them!
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  • In the last but not the least, you can follow them on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter too.

My Expat Network uses the best encryption out there compare vpns bit — so your connection is incredibly secure. Pros: compatible with all operating systems up to 3 simultaneous connections no bandwidth limitations 30 day money back guarantee relatively fast connection.

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Many countries have government instituted censorship programs that block and restrict access to content they deem inappropriate or dangerous to their society. The first thing you want to ask yourself when you start shopping around for a VPN provider is: Does their software work on your my expat network system?

Customer Support Customer support is one area that has surpassed my expectations to certain degree.

MyExpatNet VPN Application for Android and iPad/iPhone

The payment options are completely flexible so you can find the best option for your unique needs, although the service is a bit expensive. My Expat Network is really easy to use. No, I am just looking for the variants.

You can correct your misconception about these two major types of VPN servers by reading our VPN server locations guide. When that is done, you will have full access to the best content and you will be completely protected no matter what you do online.


On a serious note, My Expat Network will have to add other anonymous methods to catchup with the demands of online privacy seekers. They simply oversell their service and do not offer any refund if you are not happy and customer support is terrible.

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I ran two speed tests — one with my standard home connection, and one with the VPN — to see how My Expat Network compared. My Expat Network is providing people from all over the world with a way to bypass these restrictions so they can have full access to any and all content lantern users reviews anywhere in the world.

Speed & Reliability

However, you will not find such information on its official site. My Expat Network also runs its own blog and has a very active social media presence, meaning you have the option to get in touch via its Facebook and Twitter pages. I searched around Google for a VPN service and one continued to show on almost every page, I now know it was a Google advert and the company uses Google Adwords to promote its service because they can not do this by merit!

  • You can also access restricted social media sites and websites so you can communicate with friends as often as you like when you are not there with them.
  • In case you live in an oppressive country like China, Russia and others, the role of obfuscation comes in handy.
  • They seemed confident it should work in China, though try this at your own risk.
  • With My Expat Network, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, which is about as good as it gets.

You get unlimited access to us vpn hola the best movies, TV shows, live shows, online channels and much more so you can enjoy your off time the way you deserve to. Moreover, you can read its blog to get latest updates about relevant topics straightaway. Get My Expat Network Bypassing Censorship In theory, My Expat Network should be well-suited for use in high censorship countries thanks to its proprietary stealth protocol.

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  5. There are other services that can do more for the same price.
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You can view your connection status and logs in a separate screen, if you wish. Don't worry as they have installation guides on their website.

My Expat Network | Our Work | Indulge Media When that is done, you will have full access to the best content and you will be completely protected no matter what you do online.

Netflix Unblocking Luckily, you may opt the service to unblock your desired US Netflix media library upfront. Support service of My Expat Network My Expat Network offers support on their webpage in the form of installation guides, a help desk and free installation services.

My Expat Network

There 5 best vpns for emule that work in 2019 a settings option at the bottom of the menu which opens in a separate window, however this only lets you configure the proxy settings. Though VPNs are definitely increasing in their popularity, not everyone is familiar with what they are and how they work. I have since found a much better service, but will not mention them on this blog because I do not want to get them bad press on my scam blog.

The progress bar is a good indicator of how long you have left - in our case, it took less than 30 seconds. What If I Need Help? Hence, you are able to safeguard your five 5 different devices simultaneously.